Virtual scratch-off cards and games
for business gamification

Introducing Priiize Virtual Scratch-Off Cards Generator.

About Priiize Virtual Scratch-off Games Generator.

You use our Priiize virtual scratch-off templates to build virtual scratch-off campaigns.

Priiize Scratch-offs incentivize staff, salespeople, and customers, either working remotely and in physical locations.

Each scratch-off campaign generates a unique URL and QR code that you give your audience to play on their phones to win coupons, physical prizes, and digital downloads like Visa gift cards.

You promote the game by giving your audience the URL and QR code via your website, emails, text messages, social media posts, and posters.

With the Prize Claim Form, you will see who what, and be able to validate high-value prizes such as a $100 gift card to each prize winner with a one-click email notifier.

You can automatically validate prize claims for low-value prizes such as 10% off coupons but still capture winners’ data.

There is no limit to the number of prizes you can add, or the number of players.

The admin panel is straightforward and intuitive to use.

You can build a campaign in about 15 minutes, or a bit longer to create prize images if you choose to use pictures instead of text

Priiize Virtual Scratch-off Games Generator Service

Create Gamification Digital Scratch-off Cards from Templates for

Retail Coupons and Discounts,
Brand Gaming,
Customer Engagements, Zoom Meetings,
Virtual Trade Shows, Fairs, Conferences, and Open Days,
Malls, and Downtown Merchants & City Tourism,
Student Marketing, Learner Engagement,
Gamification in HR to Reward and Incentivize Staff Working Remotely.

It's simple to make your own gamification scratch-off cards:

  • Scratch-off templates are pre-populated with content which you overwrite.
  • Add your logo, prizes, and text.
  • Change colors and fonts sizes easily.
  • Upload prize images or write as text to customize 
  • Unlimited number of virtual scratch-off cards for any total number of players.
  • Download Winner Lists, Prize Claims, and Opt-In email addresses.
  • Try Free, no-obligation – No credit card required.

Raise The Stakes With Gamification for Business.

Scratch-off Card Gamification is a proven technique that motivates employees. They create fun, engaging challenges that increase productivity and staff retention through incentivising positive behaviors.

Gamification in Business Increases Customer, Employee, and Student Engagements

Priiize Scratch-Off Games is an ideal solution for digital agencies, media companies, and brands looking to deploy, market, and manage scratch-off games themselves.

  • Add multiple scratch-off win cards, create your designs, upload your images, edit text, and expiration dates.
  • Set the winning odds per card, validate winners, and link games to your website.
  • Make edits on the fly and in real-time from anywhere on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Make a big splash with your target audience

Use scratch-offs for brand gaming to outsell the competition, and to reward employees or students.

Digital scratch-off cards are custom branded and used in mobile marketing campaigns by retailersPriiize virtual scratch-off cards are excellent for brand gaming gamification.

Gamification is used for mobile marketing by retailers, packaged goods, restaurants, transportation, hospitality, beauty care, services, casinos, sports, bars, events, entertainment venues, and banks.

Colleges and universities use Priiize digital scratch-off cards to build databases of new applicants.Colleges, Universities, and Trade Schools use Priiize Gamification Scratch-off Cards student marketing and to build databases of new applicants.

They do so by offering prizes such as first-year free tuition and instant-win swag prizes to opt-in email and mobile texting marketing.

Gamification in HR to Reward Staff Working RemotelyScratch-offs for Gamification in HR is used to Reward Employees Working Remotely.

Gamification in Business – Wholesalers, Distribution Centers, and Corporations use scratch-off cards gamification in HR for employees working remotely, sales rewards, recognition programs, virtual trade shows, event planners, Zoom meetings, and corporate events. 

Learner Engagement and Performance Are Closely Tied Together

The applications for virtual scratch-offs for business gamification are endless.


It Starts With This Scratch-Off Card Template

that you customize with your own text and images online.

You Can Add On Opt-in Forms and or Prize Claim Forms

to manage and collect player's data for prize fulfillment, and re-marketing.

Get creative with it your scratch-offs.
Add your logo, images, and brand colors.

The possibilities and applications are endless,
like the scratch-off card examples below.

Prices start at $11